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All Things Ocean,
All The Time

Welcome to Ocean Life Network, a vibrant community of like-minded ocean lovers who are passionate about all things related to marine life.

We come together to celebrate our shared love for the vast blue world that surrounds us. Whether you're a captain, diver, sailor, or simply someone who finds solace in the gentle rhythm of the waves, you'll feel right at home here. We believe in fostering a sense of community, knowledge sharing, and environmental consciousness.


Welcome to Ocean Life Network, where the tides of friendship and adventure await!

Ocean Life Network

About OLN
Richard Wolpert

Richard Wolpert

Entrepreneur 5x Founder

Investor 100+ Companies

Ocean Adventurer

Captain Steve

Capt. Steve

> 2000 Boat Tests Completed

Master Licensed Captain

Kieran Conaty

Kieran Conaty

20+ Years selling to advertisers in the boating & Life Style industries.
For Sales Inquiries:

Email: Kieran@OLN.World
Ph: 410-271-4070

Skyler Jay

Skyler Jay

Former Social Media Manager of FailArmy, Started driving boats when she was 4

Aaron Kohn

Aaron Kohn

20+ years Digital Media & Technology Leader

Adventurer & SCUBA Diver

Team Members

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